Can I change styles on pages and posts?

Yes, it does not matter what you apply styles to. Style changes for Posts will appear on the post and archive pages.

Can I apply styles across the site?

Yes, styles can be set on a per-item, per-page or global basis

Do I need to edit any HTML?

No, everything is done from the front-end style and animation panels.

Do I need to know any CSS syntax?

No, you can just edit the style values and see what the changes look like.

Do all the changes go live immediately?

Yes, unless you switch to Development mode, in which case only you can see the changes.

I can see the changes made in the editor, but how can I see the changes in the live site?

If you are no in Development mode, just open a second (different) browser, one which you are not logged in to, and refresh the page in that.

Can I edit the pages with Style & Animate?

The plugin does not allow you to add text or HTML to the site, although you can hide elements.

Can I produce nested animations?

That facility will be available in a future version

Can I set individual keyframes for animations?

You can set as many keyframes as you need, and apply style changes to those individually. You can also pause playback on a single keyframe.

Are the site’s style sheets changed at all?

No. All the style changes are done in a separate style sheet.

Can I use the styles in my own stylesheets?

Yes, you can view the style CSS and copy / paste it into your own style sheets.

Are the styles and animations generated by JavaScript?

The styles and animations are output as pure CSS(3) so no JavaScript libraries are loaded for end-users of your site. JavaScript is only used for the styles editor, plus a small line of script just to play animations when they scroll into view.

Where are the styles saved?

All the CSS for the styles and animations are saved in the Uploads folder, in /style-and-animate/css/generated-styles.css. The data which is needed for the styles editor is saved internally.

Can I edit the style sheets which are already used in my site?

Style & Animated does not allow you to edit any of your site’s style sheets, all changes are made ‘on top’ of the site’s existing styles.

Can I import the styles into another site?

You can copy the styles into the style sheet of another site.

Can I import the animations into another site?

That facility will be available in a future version.

What happens to my styles if I disable / delete the plugin?

Your style changes will no longer appear on the site, but will remain internally so if you re-enable the plugin, you will get them back again. The CSS styles sheet, created by the plugin, will still be in the Uploads folder on the server, but it will not be loaded if the plugin is not active – however, you can take the styles from the styles sheet and use them elsewhere.

Is the plugin used on this web site?

All the animations on this site are done with the plugin. This site uses a standard, free WordPress theme (Baskerville) and all style changes have been made using the plugin

Can I use the plugin on a hosted site?

Yes, but not on the free plan which does not allow plugin installation.

How can I use the plugin on a non-WordPress web site?

Sorry, but this plugin only works with WordPress. However, if you have a self-hosted WordPress site, you can style or animate elements on that and then copy and paste the CSS into the style sheet on another non-WordPress site. Just make sure you set a unique ID or a class on any element you want to use across different platforms (see here for more information about how to do that).